GNU/Linux - Vim - zsh - Videos affeted by potential censorship

Videos affected by potential censorship

I strongly support..

This is my first website

A gimp-tutorial about erasing objects without messing up gradients

Cryptfix-√úbersetzung ins Deutsche

Take a look at Ubuntu's beautiful font (developed by Canonical Inc.)

(right mouse button > Save target as > download the *.png-file!)

Turn off bluetooth permanentely

my public-key for asymetric encryption (please folks: encrypt!!)

GNU/Linux-commands the easy way: "script" und "scriptreplay"

using the built-in perl-documentation

You can go here instead..

Weird stuff about parking a bike

The paperboy's tool

I have learned so much from you - vim / zsh / rc-files / client-server-model / screen / ssh / mutt to name just a few CLI programs.
There's a void in my heart, and I'm very sorry that you passed away.
R.I.P. my friend.

I hope you'll agree. Otherwise: step off my lawn ;-)